Eliminate Slips and Falls

safe way to showerGotcha Alive has been designed and developed to eliminate the risk of injury from slips and falls in the shower. Ease of installation and affordability, make it the perfect solution for a huge range of people that are vulnerable when showering.

The Elderly – As we get older, our reaction time slows down and so falls tend to result in more severe injuries as there is not enough time to brace. In addition, any injury sustained will take much longer to recover from, meaning that overall quality of life can be affected dramatically. With the baby boomer generation reaching the age at which showering safely can become an issue, Gotcha Alive is the most straightforward and practical solution available today.

Partially Disabled – When suffering from a disability, sustaining injury in the shower due to a fall is a very real possibility. The Gotcha Alive not only takes the danger out of showering, but also gives a higher degree of independence with its ability to alert others if a fall has occurred. This feature is particularly important for those that live alone, providing an additional safety net when calling for help may otherwise have been impossible.

Sufferers of balance problems – Problems with balance are a fairly common occurrence that can happen for a multitude of different reasons at any time in your life. The risk of falling in the shower and sustaining injury is dramatically increased when balance is an issue. Gotcha Alive makes this a thing of the past, offering a simple solution that is both quick to install and does not waste space or require remodeling.

Reduced ability to stand: Those with a reduced ability to stand can find showering a torment and a worry.  If you have suffered the misfortune of an amputation or sustained an injury that affects your ability to stand for a sustained period, Gotcha Alive can alleviate this problem. Once the system is installed, falling no longer becomes an issue that needs to be taken into consideration while showering.