Gotcha Alive is a device that could save your life. It is a fact that falling in the shower can cause anyone a serious injury, but for the older demographic, it can be life threatening. The Gotcha Alive system was born from the desire to proactively respond to this danger and eliminate the fear of falling while showering once and for all.

Its innovative design means that it is by far the easiest solution to install and operate, avoiding expensive setup costs and unnecessary hassle. No bathroom renovation is necessary with Gotcha Alive, meaning complete safety in the shower is more easily achievable than ever before. Once installed, if you happen to slip and fall, it will not only catch you safely but also alert those around you automatically. Showering should not be an unpleasant experience that you dread every day due to the possibility of injury or that you simply can’t do without help. Gotcha Alive restores the experience of showering back to being the safe everyday activity it should be.

So why hold back on taking the fear out of showering?

With Gotcha Alive, complete shower safety is just a few simple steps away.

Safety at Home

Never slip again

Quick and Easy Setup

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